Where Can I Buy Peat Free Compost?

Peat free compost is becoming more readily available in garden centres, horticultural suppliers, online and even in supermarkets. Peat free compost is now available for a wide range of horticultural uses.

If you’re looking for high quality peat free compost you may be wondering if it’s better to locate peat compost near me, or if purchasing online is easier and cost effective.

Where can I buy peat free compost?

Peat free compost is now available from a growing number of retailers. Most garden centres and nurseries now stock peat free alternatives to traditional compost, with some removing peat based options altogether. Peat free options are also sometimes available in supermarkets, but the quality of these can vary.

Increasing numbers of people are purchasing peat free compost online. With discounts for bulk ordering, this can be a convenient and cost-effective way to purchase the compost you need.

Should I buy locally?

If you’re looking for peat free compost near me, then garden centres and horticultural suppliers are a good place to start. However, it can be more convenient and cost effective to order your compost online. With UK wide delivery and discounts on bulk orders, The Coconut Compost Company range has every gardening need covered.

Can I have it delivered?

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to have compost delivered to your home. Purchasing online and opting for home delivery can widen the choices available to you. The Coconut Compost Company range of high-quality coir compost has been developed for a wide range of horticultural uses. Our comprehensive range includes everything you need for your garden, from multipurpose compost, to compost specifically developed for seeding and potting.

We deliver across the UK and offer discounts on bulk orders. We make it easy to access high-quality peat free alternatives that won’t cost the earth.


  • Which is the best compost - peat or peat free?

    If you’re comparing peat free compost with peat compost you may be wondering which is the best? Peat-free compost can be as good as peat compost, if not better, depending on what you’re growing, your choice of compost and the quality of the brand. Our range has been developed to provide gardeners and growers with the highest quality compost giving them a real alternative to environmentally damaging peat based products.

  • Is it best to buy peat free compost?

    Switching to peat free alternatives such as coir is now a necessity for the horticulture industry and domestic gardeners. Farmers and professional growers across the UK and the world now use coir to grow fruit and vegetables so it is a well-established medium. Peat free composts such as coir reduce the environmental impact of peat extraction which destroys fragile peat bogs and contributes to climate change. Peat free compost is made from sustainable materials, enhances soil health and is versatile in supporting a more environmentally conscious approach to gardening.

  • What are the disadvantages of peat free compost?

    Peat free compost has improved significantly over the years with modern compost mixes matching and in some cases exceeding the quality of traditional peat mixes. However, the composition of peat free compost can vary, leading to differences in nutrient content and performance. You may need to make adjustments to the pH level of your compost to meet specific plant needs.

  • Why are my plants not growing in peat free compost?

    Plants may not thrive in peat-free compost due to a variety of reasons such as potential pH mismatches, nutrient deficiencies, inadequate moisture control, or differences in compost quality. It's essential to adjust pH, supplement nutrients as needed, provide proper moisture levels, and choose high-quality peat-free compost to support healthy plant growth.