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  • Is there any nutritional value in coconut compost?

    Coconut compost has a low nutritional value, however it does hold nutrients extremely well. By adding plant food to coconut compost, it allows you to benefit from healthier plants as you are providing them with optimum nutrients. You should also be adding plant food to your compost anyway as most bags can only feed your plants for a certain amount of time.

  • How much water do you need?

    The amount of water required will vary on the different coconut compost products you purchase; the instructions will be on the packaging and the on-line product page. If you underwater simply add more water, there are no issues for overwatering due to the coconut compost’s good drainage properties.

  • What can I mix coconut compost with?

    Coconut compost is fine to use by itself, just simply add plant food like the commercial growers. Most other peat free composts ask you to add plant food also. Coconut compost is also perfect mixed with other components, using coconut compost as the base medium.

  • What can I grow with coconut compost?

    You can grow just about anything with coconut compost. It’s perfect for houseplants, sowing seeds, vegetables, herbs - the list is endless. But remember to feed.

  • How long does my coconut compost last for?

    Your coconut compost will last more or less indefinitely especially when it’s stored in a cool dry place.

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